what is diagram.chat?

diagram.chat is a platform for generating simple diagrams, charts, or even full case studies and data analysis, in just a click, all assisted by state-of-the-art AI models available in the market.

can I just generate the case study and submit it in my assignment?

no, these texts are generated by AI models, and are not 100% accurate. you can use them as a reference, but not as a final submission. remember, ai models often hallucinate and/or contain plagiarism.

how can I delete my account and data

by dropping a mail at hey@cynthwave.com with your username and email.

where is my data stored?

your authentication data is stored in firebase ie. google servers, and your generated data is stored in our servers. your data is not shared with anyone, and is stored securely (until we get hacked, which is unlikely). for more info, check out our privacy policy.

if this page does not clear your doubts/there is some question that can be included, contact us at our mail.

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